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About Us

The Embedded Smart Sensors Engineering (ESSE) Group plans to both provide student with industry-relevant experience and to pursue research and innovation in the fields of embedded systems and smart sensor technology. Accordingly, this group aims to consolidate embedded systems and smart sensor technology work to achieve the following outcomes:

  • A group for students doing embedded systems (ES) to share their ideas and learn from others invovled with similar activities. Student are welcome to be either associate members or full members of this group. As an associate member the student can be more closely related to an alternate research group but connecting with ESSE for more embedded systems / sensing-related related learning and knowledge exchange.
  • ESSE aims to provide a means for skills development and industry partnerships in the area of embedded smart sensors and 4IR technology sensing / sensor processing needs. 

Ultimately we aim to hone our expertise in embedded systems and sensor technologies to provide focused and efficient training and support in this area, providing support to our student, to other groups at UCT, and outwards to industry and to researchers at other universities locally and abroad.

Contact Details

Should you require further details about ESSE you are welcome to contact Dr Simon Winberg (simon.winberg<at>uct.ac.za). The People web page lists other academic staff their areas of focus as well as the students involved with this research group.

Physical Address:
Menzies Building, Library Road, Upper Campus
University of Cape Town, Rondebosch